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this is a request to all of my f-list. Given that it looks like I'll have all of jack to do, I thought maybe I could make it a goal to acomplish one fan-thing a day. I'm hoping if you guys could help me out with giving me one of each of the list below, I could use them as prompts. (Also, to get done most of the December gifts I owe you.)
Each bullet is compleatly unrelated to the others. And hey, if you want to fill it out more then once, I won't complain, but what I'm begging for is if each of you could do it once.

  • character, 'ship, and episode from a fandom I know
  • 1-4 related images or a link to a page of a collection of images (ie; a page with screencaps [page 4 of 1x06 caps])
  • adjective, noun and verb
  • expression or cliché
  • first name, object, colour
  • song title or line from a song
  • month and date (within the last year)
  • [(seven numbers b/t 01-20), (six numbers b/t 01-10), (three numbers b/t 01-50)] or, just mash on your number pad to make a long string of digets and I can seperate them.
Thanks in advance, guys. I really appreciate this.
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Over the last few weeks, I've spent a lot of time watching various Law & Order episodes; season 20 (recorded myself when they were airing new), season 16/17 at 5pm on Bravo, and old tapes of anything from S1 to (I think) S15, which I got from my grade 11 English teacher. So excuse the L&O (TOS) spam, k?
...and can I just say how cool it is to watch the older episodes without having any of it cut for more add time? There are scenes I'm getting to see that I'm pretty sure have been hacked because older shows had more show to them. Also, I don't mind watching the adds that are there because even they are kind of entertaining, seeing the differences between the styles now and 15-20 years ago. Hell, even five years ago.
NOTE; some episode spoilers

many various thoughts and points in no order other than that which I watched in )
fai_dust: Questionable Content #1696 (qc)

Well, I like them anyways. I'd rather have been sleeping, but that didn't happen and I couldn't focus on reading a computer screen to catch up on my friends' pages.
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...yeah. I'm way to proud of this. But I finally managed to acomplish something.

Well, listen, here's what we're gonna do; We're gonna figure out who did this, and we're gonna string him up by his family jewels. It's not gonna bring her back, but it's gonna make you feel better.
(Jackie Curatola - Blue Bloods: Little Fish [1x11])
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I've had this quote in my head on and off for about a week. Until I looked it up, I could have sworn it was Cain that said it, but whatever. Not that I'm complaining either about having it in my head or about being wrong. It's the most normal thing my brain has produced in too long.
"Let's all sit down and talk about how we feel about martial law."
     ~ Ellen Tigh, (Battlestar Galactica, 2003; 2x04)

the full line (& semi-context) of the quote )

Don't say it; I refuse to admit my brain is connecting this to anything in relivent news.
Also, because I'm actually a little linear today, I am not obsessing on people I know or know of who pull this BS. Linear is nice.
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I'm having hallucinations, this time worse then anything I can remember that wasn't caused by a week of no sleep. So I couldn't go to school today. Also, I missed Thursday because I couldn't walk. This is not good.

Lots of weird shit going on, none of it staying in my head long enough to post. And my minset has been just this side of too serious to be fully happy. Yuck.

So to go with my mindset (and because I've run out of funny/light hearted drama with silly banter, not to mention attempting to shake a rather peculiar image from my crazy-brain), I present you quotes from Law and Order 6x23, because even though the whole episode is depressing on every level, it's got that whole moral-delema from both perspectives that caused so much contraversy and a lot of character bulding. blah,blah[mini rant/review of ep],blah,blah )
You can quit the profession, Claire. You just can't quit the human race. )
And now for two other TV related bitching points;
- Big Bang Theory; did anyone else get the impression that whole creepy Raj fantasizing about the squeeky girl was an excuese to get away with the dance sequance?
- Mr. Sunshine; I liked the pilot, although it felt like Matthew Perry took all my favorite aspects of his character in Studio 60 and used them in this. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It was cute. And if it manages to stay the way it was set up, it won't make it past a full season. Suck is the way of comedy with quazi non-PC humor.
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I'm all bleghy now. My fault, when I don't sleep, my mood is impressionable and I just watched the Angel episode "A Hole in the World".
Also, still don't want to go out tonight, but I'm going to because Dee's, uh, going to NY tomorrow so I'll be a trooper. And Liz at least doubly so, because she's going for me.
Umm... made a burried at the bottom post collecting the random quotes I've used, mostly for my own amusement but you can see it here; http://fai-dust.dreamwidth.org/20016.html  and  http://fai-dust.livejournal.com/70662.html 

Ooh! And over the last little while, I've added new icons to my DW account. All are here, but I'm mainly mentioning it because of the Hawaii 5-0 ones (the first two below), I really like stairing at the one of Heightmeyer (center) (I really wish she had been in more episodes of SGA) and the ones of Ro & Ro/Yar from the Star Trek TNG comic "The Last Generation" (last two)
And I still can't remember what I had origonally planned to do when I sat down almost 4 hours ago. It's really starting to bug me.
Edit: Oh, and I created a handful of new tags for my journal(s) with silly names, including one Eureka reference. Now the fun part; going back through all my old entries and adding them. ...why do I do this to myself?
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I've created a Dreamwidth comm parallel to the Marvel Daily image comm at LJ; http://marveloncedaily.dreamwidth.org/
 - The layout isn't nearly as pretty, but there aren't a lot of options at DW. At least this way I'll be able to make the posts somewhere and then move them over once I have access to LJ again. I also have the next week planned out so it'll be a simple matter of making the post.
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(1) still fighting with my computer
(2) thank you to everyone who weighed in on yesterday's freak-out; I have taken it all under advisement and will reply to you individually by email (since I can't comment on my own frigging journal!)
(3) I have handed out almost all Marvel Secret Santa assignments, and will get the last two out ASAP (I am just waiting to hear back from the two people who said they would be interested but I don't have a form from; they have until 8:00AM tomorrow my time (it is 12:09AM now) and then you'll get yours regardless) - because of my delat, the due date has been moved up to Dec. 20th
(4) -TMI?- Atavan is both a wonderful and horrible drug. Why can't everything be as amazing&effictive as Seroquel?
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I have no idea how to respond, or even react, to a review I got on a BSC fic over at AO3. I do know that I feel sick about it, though. To say that being told I come off as a privileged homophobe is disheartening (not to mention insulting) does not even begin to describe it. It's really freaking me out, because I certanly never meant to offend anyone and to say I'm homophobic is laughable if you know me. Obviously, she doesn't, though, and I feel sick to my stomach that I've come across as such.
Could I get your opinion on it, guys? ( grimsage001 & i_want_2, I am thinking of you in particular because I have been able to rely on your honest opinion before, but I could really use everyone's insight on this ) I mean, when I first posted it at LJ, I got three reviews, all of which were positive, but I am really worried now. I need to know if this is offensive, not to mention if it is a common theme in my work.
Fic (+ review) is here; http://archiveofourown.org/works/98811 - you don't really to need to know the fandom to get it, just that the boys are triplets and Dawn is the older sister of the main character's boyfriend. And even though it's technically Byron/Jeff, Jeff is only there in mention (it's a brother-interaction fic, not an actual 'ship-focused story)
Also (not that I really have to ask this; most of my f-list is mature enough not to do it), if you don't agree with the reviewer, please don't argue with the reviewer. I am still trying to figure out how to reply to it and I don't want to start a flame war.
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Or something. I don't know. Working on a challange entry for femslash_land and would you believe it's hard to write for a character in a show you haven't seen in, oh, about five or six years. I used to love it but I don't have the last two seasons on DVD and I don't download illigally. So, now I'm streaming it illigally instead, which I'm telling myself is better, although I have now idea how it could be.

WATCHING: 7.13 - The Killer in Me )
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Yeah... so, you know when you get manic, even though you have the attention span of a goldfish, you somehow manage to decide that crazy projects are actually a really good idea and obsess? Exactly. I built that Marvel Daily Image comm (and will probably make the BtVS one in the next few days if I don't end up going to the hospital) which I posted on my fandom-related comm, but the few people who watch it who I thought would be interested have not seen it, so I am posting it here as well. ^_^ http://community.livejournal.com/marveloncedaily/
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I am feeling very unpleasant today; shaky, jittery&jumpy, unable to focus and oh so very scattered. So, basically, bad-manic. Not fun. Even fangirl-squee excitable exhilaration isn't making it better. *sigh*

1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2. before [info]_snitchbitch first asked if there would be any interest in a daily science fiction comm, I had never heard of a daily community. Since, I have found a few (mostly Stargate related), but they're all images as opposed to actual entries with information. At first, I couldn't understand the point of them; why post an image that -odds are- everyone has seen before and has no reason beyond 'ooh, pretty!'?
      However, my opinion has changed. If a particular image inspires me or is overwhelmingly pretty/sexy, it often inspires an idea for LJ icons. Unfortunatally, as I said, other then SG, I have yet to find one that is currentally active in any fandom I follow.
      And everytime I think about this, I want to start either a BtVS or Marvel comics one (maybe both). [For about .2 seconds, I concidered an icontest comm, but even I'm not that much of a masochist.] I have no idea if it would be worth the effort, though.

...and not I shall go back to trying to write my half of the love letter challange and searching for an image I can use for a 'Panorama' icon set, both for [info]femslash_land challanges.

oh God...

Oct. 21st, 2010 02:20 am
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The horrors of badfic cannot be put into words. Ugh. And bonesfiction.com is home to a lot of it.
To put this into context; it's 2 am, I can't sleep and just watched a particular episode of Bones that had me wondeing if Booth/Hodgens could work. AO3 only had one (albet good, cute) fic and LJ is a bitch to search for comms that support a rare 'ship, but I found this archive through a comm and... yeah. Don't bother going there. It's bad. All the summaries read like a first-time writer and the fic is no better. And it doesn't even look like the site even knows what slash is.
Oh, and on a semi-OT; Comms without a proper tagging system are a bitch to navigate. I admit I went a little overboard on my personal fandom comm (see?) but at least it makes locating particular fandoms, genras, fanworks or 'ships simple enough. A good example of a comm with a good tagging system is [info]youngavengers.
   To comm mods; when starting a comm, right after choosing the layout, creat at least a basic tagging system. Please. As long as you know the community's focus (and if you just created it yourself, there's no reason on earth for you not to aside from, like, brain damage) you should be able to come up with a decent number of tags to help members find what they're looking for without having to go through a zillion old posts.
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I had to catch a ride downtown with my mom (on her way to work) just before eight to drop off paperwork at the social assistance office and go to the volunteer center. I actually woke up early, which was a good thing, feeling fairly energetic and perky, and I had time to creat the Elixie page and begin to draft the second masterlist for the Young Marvel comm. Yay, right? But, see, the weather was decent which fueled my slightly-manic tendancy to obsess and what should have been a pretty simple master list (because there are individual sub-lists to follow) ended up taking over my brain and, as I said in my entry yesterday, the list took on a life of it's own, not to mention over nine hours of drafting/researching/coding. But, hey, it's done and now I have a plan for what needs doing there. Breakdowns are very helpful.
The sucky thing: I was supposed to go to a Carolyn Dawn Johnson concert last night, which I was really looking forward to, but around two, the place it was supposed to be held in called and said it was cancled. And then she said something along the lines of "well, isn't it great that you'll get reimbursed?" No, it's no 'great', it's assumed. *sigh* I know it's not her fault, but she was being an idiot.
     The semi-upside: By about five, I was feeling compleatly physically exausted. I probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy it fully, anyways.
The second sucky thing: Insted of setting the VCR on channel '44', I accidentally set it on '4', so I didn't tape Eureka or Caprica. Eureka's not so bad, because I watched them on the internet when they were airing in the US (to partisipate in eureka_tag), but I really wanted to tape Caprica, because they're actually new and for some reason, episodes of it keep getting taken down from all my sister's streaming sites right after they get put up. So I'll be able to watch it once on line, but I try to watch specific shows more then once so I don't miss anything. Shows like Eureka, Caprica, (and back when they were new) Enterprise, and BtVS/Angel
Also, still fighting with writer's block. And the worst part is, I've got bunnies breeding in all sections of my brain but can't do anything with them.
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Fact: Writer's block is painful, and nothing can cure it, it just has to be waited out.
   And yet, even knowing this, I keep trying to fight with it. Not that it works. So, as was inevitably going to happen, I did not suceed in writing the Odo/Bashir fic promised to [info]i_want_2 which I know is lurking in the back of my brain, mocking me. Instead, I spent over nine hours on comicvine coming up with the second of two masterlists for ymresource. Which did need to be done, but nine hours? That's a day I'm never getting back. 
But I have signed up for three challange tables that will hopefully help (I will beat my writers' block into submission. It will work. Because alchol, tranqus, ADD meds, caffeen or 72h without sleep (individually and varing combinations of) have not worked, so this will have to. And in the next few days, I will be posting a very random & specific request for multiple types of prompts.
fai_dust: Eureka: 2x03 - Unpredictable (eureka: 2x03 - Pilar&Zoe "shocking")

I like Pilar (Eureka), I really do, but she's so vacent most of the time. I never realised how much so, though, until I was making these. For a brilliant girl, she's a total space-head. *shrugs* Eh, she's still sweet. 


Oct. 16th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Well, I feel vaguly acomplished. My mom worked all day (and I do mean all day; 6:00[am]-9:00[pm]; it's something to do with the university and her position. She does it once a year.), so I drank and sat on my ass. And sort of cleaned the kitchen, but mostly just was on the computer all day.

But I did finish my femslash_land "Big Bang" entry (100 icons for 100 points), partisipated in the 'land Bingo, created the Motivational Poster (also for femslash_land) and created the masterlist for ymresource.

fai_dust: marvel comics: UncannyXMen - issue #500 (marvel: Pixie 'you be eve')
...and some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet after combining different sleeping pills. (Long story, basically, I hadn't slept in a few days and desperate, I took one of my mom's actual sleeping pills along with my antipsychotics just so I could get real sleep. 39 hours later, I'm still loopy.)
So, I ended up deciding to create that Young Marvel Heroes "Secret 'Santa'" fic exchange. I only ever got one responce when I asked if anyone would be interested, but I'm holding out hope that I'll be able to get at least a few people to sign up.
PS; [info]fullmetal_cute, I tease with full fandom love.
fai_dust: marvel comics: UncannyXMen - issue #500 (marvel: Pixie 'you be eve')
: I mean it. If we don't get our ducks in a row, we're going to regret it.
Laura: I dislike that expression. No one tells a duck what to do.
(and this quote really has nothing to do with this, other then the expression "getting my ducks in a row", but I like it. I always thought it was cute.)
December gifts; I have sent out the requests for what people would like. If I missed you, I apologise, I'm rather loopy today and will doublecheck my list tomorrow. (GS, in your case, I assumed Dawn/Faith. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Same goes for you Liz, only with John/Rodney.)
Since last year's holiday fic gifts ended up being a miserable faleure, I'm trying something different this year. I used to do goody-bags for all my friends when I was in grade school, and I really enjoyed it. Just candy, stickers and dollar-store trinkets that reminded me of the person. I did it to say "You've been a great friend! I like you 'cause you're cool and nice. This is my way of expressing it without actually gushing and sounding like a stalker." No stress, just love.
Also, I do not expect or want anything in return. If you happen to be doing gifts for people, then that's fine. But please don't feel obligated to do anything because I am. That would make this awkward and I really don't want to do that. I'm just a five-year-old at heart and like to make people things.

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