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...maybe I'm looking for a reason to be upset? I don't know. I was trying to distract myself from the fact that LJ wasn't loading (and therefor couldn't make my daily_scifi entry), so I rewatched the damn thing twice on VHS, then tracked it down on the internet so I could make a bunck of icons for a scene I loath. Don't mind me. But then again, Elisabeth Röhm, so, pretty!

Can you tell I haven't slept right in days?

Also, if anyone wants 300+ caps of her in her final scene on Law & Order, let me know. Maybe then I can justify it in a better light?


Mar. 31st, 2011 04:42 pm
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 - It always shocks even me when it takes me just short of forever to write a post that I already (pretty much) know what I'm going to write. In this case, the last post took around two hours to do. I started at 12:20 and didn't get it done until 2:30. The Bridge: 1x01 - Red Door

 - Yesterday, early evening (actually shortly before my computer fucked up), I made an icon in celebration of my (until that point) great luck. (Billy, from the opening of the pilot episode of The Bridge) It also took stupid-long, but at least this time I can blame it on needing to take 50+ caps of the scene -using VLC, which is slow to cap with-, and the scene cuts between characters very quickly. 

 - I'm trying to decide the... something, manors is the closest word, I guess, of distributing images (screen caps, scans, whatever) by someone else. Not on a website or anything, but as part of the (long overdue) December gifts for people. To make icons/pixel dolls/ect, I collected images all into one folder to make the actual making of the things easier, and I can't decide if I should also inclure a zip folder of the images for the recipients' use as well. I would also include a text file with credit to the source, but it still might be breaking internet ediquet or whatever.
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So, apparentally, being 23 is looking to be a good age. Even though I'm at the second worst point in my life health-wise, it feels like the universe is looking to help make up for it.

so many awesome things are happening right now )

PS; please help me with this if you haven't already!
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(still at home, still seeing things, going a little extra crazy because I am at home)

1. "The first thing the Warren Commission found is that it is easier to reach a predetermined decision if you overlook pesky distractions. These include unreliable witnesses who might testify to things that don't fit in with your theory, physical evidence that hasn't been planted medical evidence that hasn't been altered, Mafia co-conspirators who haven't been rubbed out yet, et cetera." [UFOs, JFK, and Elvis by Richard Belzer (pg.33)]
It is the shit. Awesome, funny, cynical and in no way meant to be taken compleatly serously. More info here.
2. While looking for a quote from a children's book (which I still haven't found), found this site and ended up making a profile. Yay books!
- I haven't decided if I'm going to add series, because it would take a while to find 8-16 books per series, or TV-related books (BtVS, Star Trek, ect.)
3. A while ago, my grandmother started to read "cowboy books", most of which she buys at the drugstore. A few months ago, I realized that was code for "porn, set in the wild west".
4. From grade 11 'university-level' chemistry: "Dylan and Harper, ionic, MX (polar)". Somehow, this is a way to remember chemical bond types. It was expanded to include stuff for my college Organic Chemistry class, which may be rembled about later, when I find the post-it and feel like doing so at the same time I remember I wanted to.
5. "Calm down?! I am wearing sunglasses at night! You know who does that? No-talent douchebags." I don't follow Supernatural, it just got too dark and continuity-based for a show that didn't start out as either. But I remember my sister watching it ages ago when I was in the room and every time I remember this line, it sends me into giggles. Last year, I told a classmate about it (after class) and a guy (an adult in the class) overheard me and yelled "Are you dissin' H?", really offended. Now, I have my own obsessions, but really, I never actually said who Dean (and by extention, I) was talking about, so that's really rather sad.
6. ...uh, actually this one is quazi-related to #5, at least in my own brain... "...Beyond the series, Bono is especially notable for being an Irish guy on a sci-fi TV show not played by Colm Meaney." Because it's very true and while Colm Meaney is awesome, so is Mark Sheppard. (The quote is from a page that used to be on Wiki Frakr, but, along with most of their best pages, broke, and had to be retrived from the web.archive site here.
7. At least once a week, when I get serious-brain, I think about making a "happy-thoughts" comm (yes, I just made that up) where a weekly challange is something like "post an image of a cute animal" or "a quote related to (x)", usually non-fandom specific and no upsetting shit allowed. Then I think, what would be the point? I mean, I could probably wrangle a few friends into co-mod-ing it with me, but would anyone other then me actually get anything out of it?
8. I fould my cell phone, which I lost at least six months ago, a few days ago! I knew it was somewhere in my room, but I couldn't find the damn thing until I was looking for the power coard to my extrenal hard drive. Which I still have to find, but whatever.
9. I miss The Bridge. I know there are a bunch of cop shows out there and most have a very similar concept, but this was one of the few that didn't. Also, it gave a different perspective to the police force. Granted, it wasn't always a positive one, but that's how life is. I mean, I respect and am greatful for the work the police do, but there are always going to be people who mess up, are stupid, and even corrupt, no matter what job they do. And the acting was really good, too.
10. "This is the New York that I love-- the one you never see on a postcard." / "Now, there's an untapped market; tranny hooker postcards." Is 'tranny' ('trannie'?) an offensive term? I've heard people say it is (well, read people say so, mostly on S-D), but usually, when I hear the actual term used, it's mostly just as a lazy way of saying transsexual.
(...and by the way, Blue Bloods is awesome. Watch it!)
11. Why is it that LJ & DW mood images have 'drunk' as an unhappy face but 'crazy' as a good one?
. .
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Just thought I'd share: my puppy is a suck and eyeinng me like he's starving. Also, cold/soggy french-fries with mayo are not nearly as good as hot/crisp fries with mayo. I have had to defaut back to ketchup because I'm too impatient to properly reheat them in the oven.

edit: also, how weird is it that I had to edit 'crisps' to 'french-fries' and 'far too impatient' to just 'too impatient'? Evidentally, I think I'm English. And while, yes, Canadian, I'm still from North America, and should not be thinking in those words. Maybe it's to compensate for the fact that when I get absolutely smashed I sound like I'm from the Southern States?
PS; Liz; Yes, to maintain this lovely buzz (at 2:30AM, 3h after leaving your place), I am still drinking on my own. Forgive me, but I am feeling better then I have in almost a month and don't want to loose it until I absolutely have to. But I'm still working on the smaller half-full bottle of Wyborona vodka I mentioed I'd intended to bring, not that giant bottle of Smirnoff I bought (in Dec.) to share with you.
edit(2): I coose to believe that the reason (re; subject) is because most of my f-list is in North America and therefor likely asleep and the other is in Austraila and doing work things (Hi, Kimberly!). Also, I must be drunker then I thought, because I should not have been stumbling when I too my dog out to go pee; also I'm craving meat (well, actually, McCrap burgers, so I'm not entirely sure that counts. And even if it does, I blame it on watching 1x12 of Eureka seven hours ago). Serously guys, you're missing out on some batshit crazy querys.
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warning: this was written on 4h of sleep in 48h and may be unorganized, incoherent or totally bug-nuts. Cool?
um... something or everything about what I did since I woke up at fuckAM until now )
At least a month ago, back while I was first having LJ exasperation, I bought a pre-paid MasterCard to buy a paid account on DreamWidth. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It's never that easy.
**1** Problems with DW's server accepting cards without more then a name.
    - I tried on two computers other then my own as well, then contacted MC to see if it was on my end some other way; they said it wasn't
So I tried to use it through PayPal...
**2** ...Which also would't take it
    - something to do with their confermation process involving taking two tiny amounts, letting it process without being rejected, then refunding the money; the problem with that is the card doesn't allow for reloading, because they make that much more money that way (and serously, how greedy can they get? They already charge $30 for a $25 card!)
so I ended up having to transfer money from my bank account to PayPal then pay DW (who were great about it, by the way), which I'm still not really comfortable with, but by that point I was obligated to. This is because after requesting help with the first problem, the awesome staff (who replied the same day!) not only did everything they could to try to figure it out, but the woman asisting me actually gave me a free week and when after that time it still hadn't been sorted, she gave me the points/tokens in advance and let me pay her back once the transfer from my bank finally cleared!

Anyways, I still have the damn pre-paid card with $22.55 CAD on it...
**3** There was some charge that was either the first test-charge from PayPal or MC's "you didn't use this up within the first 10 seconds? Sucker!" charge which I gather is monthly
...so I tried to renew my paid account on LJ last week, but it wouldn't take.
**4** When I tried to check out, it said something about trying to access an account I don't have the right to access. I wouldn't be suprised if this one is the fault of my laptop.


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...Yeah. I'm in a mood. can you tell I don't like text-messaging & internet shorthand?

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        FYI if you track my journal or otherwise arrived at this through a direct link to this post (as opposed to on the main page or your friend page), I've put all the semi-OT explanations/ramblings behind strategically-placed cuts. If you wish to avoid my lunicy, feel free to read it on my journal's main page. ^_^

*chirping* What fun! My laptop is still as slow as honey from a squeeze bottle stored in the fridge (I refuse to use the 'molasses' comparison until I use it in anything other then the German cookies I used to make every Christmas with my father (which is one of my few positive memories with him, but that's not in any way relevant)), something that began when my McAfee expired and should have been a large, blinking sign that I needed to reformat my computer, since I know it should be done every six months anyhow and have yet to do so since I got it a little over a year ago. And I still can't log into LJ.

    - Once I calmed down from my spazing snit-fit/freakout at my computer and technology in general, I realized the smart thing would be to back up everything to avoid the crap I went through last year when my computer failed click to read OT mini-rant about so-called 'Tech. Support' )

    - After spending all day backing up everything on my computer, at around 8:30 I tried to reformat it. But guess what? I couldn't, because even though right-clicking on the C drive in 'My Computer' gives the option to format, when I pick it, it says I can't because it's where my opperatig system is installed, so I need to reset it with the opperating system software CD in.
                - now, correct me if I'm wrong, because I've only bought two laptops in my life, but between those two and my mother's, when purchasing such a computer, it comes with the opperating system (in this case, Windown Vista, which is a hell unto itself) already installed and they do not give you a disk. Microsoft-related bitching; basically I _should_ have a disk despite that laptops don't come with one ) So I must have it somewhere, but God knows where it is in my house also known as a blackhole ). So unless anyone happens to know how to reformat my computer without needing to re-install Windows, I'm screwed.

Oh, and I also can't log into my school website, which is just added awesome, because I have an on-line test Friday.
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Okay, so even though I couldn't go to sleep until, like, three in the morning, I work up at seven thirty. Fun.

Anyways, after dragging my ass out of bed to take the dogs out, I decided that if I can't write, I may as well f-around on Photoshop to make the icons for a specific project
- and ended up spending over an hour and a half making icons from one comic page scan, most of which were not related
- and somewhere in the middle of doing that, I got distracted and spent half an hour (not counted in the 1.5h of icon making) making 3 textures from Pixie's wings, none of which I used
- then, after taking the dogs out again, I remembered I still had to watch the latest episode of Caprica online (RE; yesterday's kvetching), so I started that while going back to work on the third icon actually related to what I started doing
- only to be distracted by the very pretty Cylon/dead/digitally 'resurrected'/"death walker" girls and just had to cap them, regardless of the crap quality and 'SyFy' (I will not bitch about the dumbass station name, I will not bitch about the dumbass station name, I will not bitch about the dumbass station name...) logo in the 'corner' that is way too far away from the actual corner not to be deliberately a hindrance
- which, as soon as I realized how foolish (and on Vulcan, in relation to how off-project) what I was doing was (at 11:30, 4 hours after I began to make the icons thinking it would only take an hour or so), led to me typing this on Notepad because I know that if I connect to the internet now, I will only get more distracted by updates at various journals/comms/archives.
- speaking of waking up stupid-early and typing to-be LJ entries on Notepad, I just remembered I started 3 last Friday; a general personal update, a list of media I would recommend to everyone and a list of my personal canon/fannish squee

I think I need help.

added at 1:30: ...and yet, even though I didn't want to post this until I finished what I was doing, I still went on to post a dumb memory from years ago. I reiterate; I need help.

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