May. 2nd, 2011 10:52 pm
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God fucking damnit! I am deeply ashamed of my Country.
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"...hi lady. What's my number?"
This is the message I sent to my sister, about tow minutes after asking her if she minded if I sent her a text. (I needed her to tell me my cell number. I couldn't find it anywhere.) It is also the reason for her to be pissed at me today. Apparentally, it's creepy, because it sounds like I'm hitting on her. This is the girl who talks about "banging" specific old men (RDA, Jon Stewart, Sam Waterston and Richard Belzer usually), "diddling little Asian children", "jizzing" in her pants if she ever visits Japan and describes having her period in the most graphic ways possible. And these are just the first examples that come to mind.
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Yesterday's problem has sorted itself out, pretty much. I can understand people again, but it does take some effort. Luckily (in regards to communicating with insensitive jackasses), I usually respond (and generally speak) so fast that my delay just makes me seem close to average and just a little slow.

CMHC is run by doctors who gave themselves their MD )

I'm going to see my GP today. He listens to me and tries to help.
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Okay, before I go into what could become a full-blown rant, I want to say that I fully believe in free speech, okay? As long as you are not insighting violence or spouting slanderous (/liable? which is verbal? but both apply here) BS which you know is BS, then I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, no matter how imbicillic, horrible or brain-dead it is.
- that being said, if you ever want to witness something that may cause question to that right, you're welcome to come to one of my fraternal family gatherings.
warning: I really, really mean no offence by this, but it's hard to talk about racial (or other) issues without coming out sounding racist unless the person is of a ethnic minority, so I apologise just in case it sounds like it.
. . . + when I start talking about portrayals and good & bad ways of showing subjects of bias, I'm talking about the media and not in life.

----Things we should have to hear but suck none the less (or, 'Reasons why Studio 60 was awesome and NBC is run by morons')
The fact is, bigotry exists and likely always will to some extent, no matter how far we get. )
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I'm having hallucinations, this time worse then anything I can remember that wasn't caused by a week of no sleep. So I couldn't go to school today. Also, I missed Thursday because I couldn't walk. This is not good.

Lots of weird shit going on, none of it staying in my head long enough to post. And my minset has been just this side of too serious to be fully happy. Yuck.

So to go with my mindset (and because I've run out of funny/light hearted drama with silly banter, not to mention attempting to shake a rather peculiar image from my crazy-brain), I present you quotes from Law and Order 6x23, because even though the whole episode is depressing on every level, it's got that whole moral-delema from both perspectives that caused so much contraversy and a lot of character bulding. blah,blah[mini rant/review of ep],blah,blah )
You can quit the profession, Claire. You just can't quit the human race. )
And now for two other TV related bitching points;
- Big Bang Theory; did anyone else get the impression that whole creepy Raj fantasizing about the squeeky girl was an excuese to get away with the dance sequance?
- Mr. Sunshine; I liked the pilot, although it felt like Matthew Perry took all my favorite aspects of his character in Studio 60 and used them in this. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It was cute. And if it manages to stay the way it was set up, it won't make it past a full season. Suck is the way of comedy with quazi non-PC humor.
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Holy... Well, that flu thing I mentioned? Has moved into my chest and become something else. But since I finally couldn't justify it anymore, I decided to tackle my inbox. Big mistake; over 3000 unread emails. Now, granted, at least half are bound to be LJ alerts about comms I "track", but still, it's overwealming. I'm sorry if you're waiting on me. I'll do the best I can.

explination for the RENT post: when I get sick for a streach of time, I get pathetic and that song either gets me off my ass or really cranky. Or at least, it always has until two days ago. It didn't seem to do much then, but I chalk that up to what has probably become a lung infection.

health&home bitching )
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warning: this was written on 4h of sleep in 48h and may be unorganized, incoherent or totally bug-nuts. Cool?
um... something or everything about what I did since I woke up at fuckAM until now )
At least a month ago, back while I was first having LJ exasperation, I bought a pre-paid MasterCard to buy a paid account on DreamWidth. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It's never that easy.
**1** Problems with DW's server accepting cards without more then a name.
    - I tried on two computers other then my own as well, then contacted MC to see if it was on my end some other way; they said it wasn't
So I tried to use it through PayPal...
**2** ...Which also would't take it
    - something to do with their confermation process involving taking two tiny amounts, letting it process without being rejected, then refunding the money; the problem with that is the card doesn't allow for reloading, because they make that much more money that way (and serously, how greedy can they get? They already charge $30 for a $25 card!)
so I ended up having to transfer money from my bank account to PayPal then pay DW (who were great about it, by the way), which I'm still not really comfortable with, but by that point I was obligated to. This is because after requesting help with the first problem, the awesome staff (who replied the same day!) not only did everything they could to try to figure it out, but the woman asisting me actually gave me a free week and when after that time it still hadn't been sorted, she gave me the points/tokens in advance and let me pay her back once the transfer from my bank finally cleared!

Anyways, I still have the damn pre-paid card with $22.55 CAD on it...
**3** There was some charge that was either the first test-charge from PayPal or MC's "you didn't use this up within the first 10 seconds? Sucker!" charge which I gather is monthly
...so I tried to renew my paid account on LJ last week, but it wouldn't take.
**4** When I tried to check out, it said something about trying to access an account I don't have the right to access. I wouldn't be suprised if this one is the fault of my laptop.


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Great. I was just starting to feel better on Monday & Tuesday, then I get what felt like the damn flu yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I am dreading this evening/tomorrow morning. I DO NOT WANT TO FLY TO TEXAS AT STUPID-AM TO SPEND A WEEK WITH A MAN WHO'S GREATEST IDEA OF "BONDING" WITH HIS CHILDREN IS TO MOCK & RIDICULE THE OTHER TWO!

...and now that I have that out of my system, I feel a little better. I am still working on catching up on all my coraspondence, though, so if you emailed me, I wil try to get back to you soon. Also, writing those long-overdue posts I mentioned weeks ago.
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...which seems about par for the course on LJ. I was cleaning out my various bags (purse, laptop case, girly backpack meant for small children & Hello Kitty tin lunchbox I use as a smaller purse) and I realized just how many things I jot down on Post-Its and the backs of scrap paper to write about (on LJ or just my real journal) that have actual substance but by the time I'm at my computer, they're either forgotten or displaces by unimportant rambling.
(1) - Wow. I never what level of controversy Ctrl+Alt+Del had surrounding it. It's... shocking, to say the least.
(2) - I have been meaning to say this for a few weeks now, but I forget almost right after my "lesson" (which I suspect is subconsciously intentional); I can no longer innocentally enjoy Greg Land's art without either seeing bad art, bad "things", or getting mild vertigo from all the weird angles in one frame. No fair!
(3) - [personal profile] i_want_2 , remember when you said the "writers' block" that goes beyong writing and covers all fandom-related things is called "fandom burnout"? You don't happen to know a cure, do you?
(4) - LJ finally got back to me on the support question I posted over a month ago about being unable to log in; they quoted the FAQ at me. Really? It took them over a month to direct me there? I wonder if LJ's hiring from the Toaster School of Tech Support as well...
(5) - Yesterday, my blood pressure shot right down, so I couldn't get out of bed until noon and was pretty useless all day. Today, my left arm is seizuring so badly I have to sit on it. Blegh. Could be worse; it could be my right arm. I'll take what I can get.
+ remember all those subjects I mentioned on Friday? I'll get to them (even if you don't care). I know this because three of them are half-typed.
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...Yeah. I'm in a mood. can you tell I don't like text-messaging & internet shorthand?

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aka, "what the hell? #@%$!!!!!!!!!"

this is a test to see if I can post to my LJ account via Dreamwidth because every time I try to log into LJ, it rerouts to 'about:blank' before signing em in and doesn't hold my sign-in past the one page. I have no idea why or how to fix it and it is getting very annoying.

edit; 1:22pm ).

oh God...

Oct. 21st, 2010 02:20 am
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The horrors of badfic cannot be put into words. Ugh. And bonesfiction.com is home to a lot of it.
To put this into context; it's 2 am, I can't sleep and just watched a particular episode of Bones that had me wondeing if Booth/Hodgens could work. AO3 only had one (albet good, cute) fic and LJ is a bitch to search for comms that support a rare 'ship, but I found this archive through a comm and... yeah. Don't bother going there. It's bad. All the summaries read like a first-time writer and the fic is no better. And it doesn't even look like the site even knows what slash is.
Oh, and on a semi-OT; Comms without a proper tagging system are a bitch to navigate. I admit I went a little overboard on my personal fandom comm (see?) but at least it makes locating particular fandoms, genras, fanworks or 'ships simple enough. A good example of a comm with a good tagging system is [info]youngavengers.
   To comm mods; when starting a comm, right after choosing the layout, creat at least a basic tagging system. Please. As long as you know the community's focus (and if you just created it yourself, there's no reason on earth for you not to aside from, like, brain damage) you should be able to come up with a decent number of tags to help members find what they're looking for without having to go through a zillion old posts.
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I had to catch a ride downtown with my mom (on her way to work) just before eight to drop off paperwork at the social assistance office and go to the volunteer center. I actually woke up early, which was a good thing, feeling fairly energetic and perky, and I had time to creat the Elixie page and begin to draft the second masterlist for the Young Marvel comm. Yay, right? But, see, the weather was decent which fueled my slightly-manic tendancy to obsess and what should have been a pretty simple master list (because there are individual sub-lists to follow) ended up taking over my brain and, as I said in my entry yesterday, the list took on a life of it's own, not to mention over nine hours of drafting/researching/coding. But, hey, it's done and now I have a plan for what needs doing there. Breakdowns are very helpful.
The sucky thing: I was supposed to go to a Carolyn Dawn Johnson concert last night, which I was really looking forward to, but around two, the place it was supposed to be held in called and said it was cancled. And then she said something along the lines of "well, isn't it great that you'll get reimbursed?" No, it's no 'great', it's assumed. *sigh* I know it's not her fault, but she was being an idiot.
     The semi-upside: By about five, I was feeling compleatly physically exausted. I probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy it fully, anyways.
The second sucky thing: Insted of setting the VCR on channel '44', I accidentally set it on '4', so I didn't tape Eureka or Caprica. Eureka's not so bad, because I watched them on the internet when they were airing in the US (to partisipate in eureka_tag), but I really wanted to tape Caprica, because they're actually new and for some reason, episodes of it keep getting taken down from all my sister's streaming sites right after they get put up. So I'll be able to watch it once on line, but I try to watch specific shows more then once so I don't miss anything. Shows like Eureka, Caprica, (and back when they were new) Enterprise, and BtVS/Angel
Also, still fighting with writer's block. And the worst part is, I've got bunnies breeding in all sections of my brain but can't do anything with them.
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Fact: Writer's block is painful, and nothing can cure it, it just has to be waited out.
   And yet, even knowing this, I keep trying to fight with it. Not that it works. So, as was inevitably going to happen, I did not suceed in writing the Odo/Bashir fic promised to [info]i_want_2 which I know is lurking in the back of my brain, mocking me. Instead, I spent over nine hours on comicvine coming up with the second of two masterlists for ymresource. Which did need to be done, but nine hours? That's a day I'm never getting back. 
But I have signed up for three challange tables that will hopefully help (I will beat my writers' block into submission. It will work. Because alchol, tranqus, ADD meds, caffeen or 72h without sleep (individually and varing combinations of) have not worked, so this will have to. And in the next few days, I will be posting a very random & specific request for multiple types of prompts.

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