Apr. 11th, 2011 10:53 am
fai_dust: Eureka: 2x11 - Maneater [Lexa Doig as Anna Young] (.work sucks) no sleeping caught up me me and I've been feeling like total crap for the last four or five days. Not fun. But in an effort to cheer myself up, I present a very silly song, which is also the perfect example as to why Studio 60 was awesome and bit the big one when it came to ratings.



Mar. 26th, 2011 01:34 am
fai_dust: Hawaii Five-O (2010): 1x01 - Pilot (hawaii 5-0)

Not that it affects me in any way, but this artical suprised me. Most likely because I have yet to see it mentioned by any of the masses of squeeing Hawaii Five-O remake slash fanatics.
Also, doing the Mass Wrangling shit that nobody enjoys (but needs doing) over at AO3. Which is where I found the link, in a very round-about way. And can I just say that "RPF" (aka Real Person Fanfiction) is compleatly terrifying.
fai_dust: Battlestar 2003: miniseries (.devil's advocate)
Okay, before I go into what could become a full-blown rant, I want to say that I fully believe in free speech, okay? As long as you are not insighting violence or spouting slanderous (/liable? which is verbal? but both apply here) BS which you know is BS, then I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, no matter how imbicillic, horrible or brain-dead it is.
- that being said, if you ever want to witness something that may cause question to that right, you're welcome to come to one of my fraternal family gatherings.
warning: I really, really mean no offence by this, but it's hard to talk about racial (or other) issues without coming out sounding racist unless the person is of a ethnic minority, so I apologise just in case it sounds like it.
. . . + when I start talking about portrayals and good & bad ways of showing subjects of bias, I'm talking about the media and not in life.

----Things we should have to hear but suck none the less (or, 'Reasons why Studio 60 was awesome and NBC is run by morons')
The fact is, bigotry exists and likely always will to some extent, no matter how far we get. )
fai_dust: marvel comics: NewWarriorsIV - issue #05 (.stay positive)

Okay, technically I've been home since the thirtith, but I had a terrible flight home (including the first flight being delayed so that the connecting flight was missed [leading to an extra 5-6h, making the entire thing 16+h] and a freaky hallucination of creepy, evil bugs attacking me [I wasn't so far gone that I didn't realiz that it was a hallucination, thank God. I just locked my jaw and freaked out internally] and from, like, the next morning until now, I felt like I had the flu.

-- bzzz! I am feeling very giggle!spaz-y right now with post-sickness endorphins. It is a good feeling!--
blah,blah,blah... Holiday Cards + M*A*S*H quote )

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