fai_dust: marvel comics: NewMutantsII - issue #11 (.love)

this is a request to all of my f-list. Given that it looks like I'll have all of jack to do, I thought maybe I could make it a goal to acomplish one fan-thing a day. I'm hoping if you guys could help me out with giving me one of each of the list below, I could use them as prompts. (Also, to get done most of the December gifts I owe you.)
Each bullet is compleatly unrelated to the others. And hey, if you want to fill it out more then once, I won't complain, but what I'm begging for is if each of you could do it once.

  • character, 'ship, and episode from a fandom I know
  • 1-4 related images or a link to a page of a collection of images (ie; a page with screencaps [page 4 of 1x06 caps])
  • adjective, noun and verb
  • expression or cliché
  • first name, object, colour
  • song title or line from a song
  • month and date (within the last year)
  • [(seven numbers b/t 01-20), (six numbers b/t 01-10), (three numbers b/t 01-50)] or, just mash on your number pad to make a long string of digets and I can seperate them.
Thanks in advance, guys. I really appreciate this.
fai_dust: marvel comics: NewMutantsII - issue #11 (.love)

To my LJ friend-list: in case you haven't really been paying attention to my bitching in the last week (and I don't blame you if that's the case), I still care about you guys but since I can't sign into LJ, I am unable to view half of your entries (either due to f-locking or your privacy settings set to non-users being unable to view them) so that is why I haven't commented. I have, like, 150 emails flagged in my inbox waiting for me to get back to once I've gotten this sorted out.
----------  Also, unles it's kind of time-revelent (as in, once I get this sorted out, it'll be silly to comment on it because of how much time has passed) I haven't been commenting because it's a nuisance to have to check on all the entries ot see if you have replied, because if you're not logged-in, you don't get an email that tell you so.
Also, I had to take a sabbatical from femslash_land because of this, which is annoying, because other then the letter-fic thing (there in no excuse for my patheticness there) I was really enjoying it. Even though I haven't been feeling inspiration for anything**,  the challanges helped. - However, that being said, at least this way I won't be letting my team down and I can focus on holiday related gift stuff.
** can writers' block mutate into all-encompassing fandom block? I've never had any problems making icons or manips before. It's what I would do while I had writers' block, to help me with ideas.

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