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***** these were written at various times over the last few weeks when I thought them but was too fried to post. I apologise if there are any typos; each and every one was all but unreadable when I actually typed them, but I did run it through spell-check on MS Word, so I hope I got the majority of the mess. *****

sad fact just editing and cleaning this up took... too long. I opened the page at "22:43" and finished at "23:55". Jeeze.

 - I really dislike wiki sites. It took me this side of forever to not hate them immediately because of the potential unreliability of them (I don't care what anyone says about how a wrong answer can be corrected as quickly as under a minute; I know of four incidents involving people I know personally and in 'real life' [as opposed to on-line] where it was the wrong information that kept getting 'corrected'), and a while back started using fandom-related ones for referencing (Battlestar Wiki, Memory Alpha, and WikiQuote mostly**), but Goddamnit, they're a pain in the ass to contribute to. With the BSG and Star Trek sites, it's a non-issue, because they're so complete already, I don't have anything I could possibly add, but on WikiQuote and a few of the smaller Wikia sites, it's like my user name may as well be the reason for the page removal. The first few times, I was frustrated because the 'tutorial' doesn't make a lot of sense to me and, hey, everything I wrote was deleted. After a while, I gave up, but far as I can tell, they don't have an example template to use for creating new pages, either, so I created and just copied the code from another page and used that. But the things still keep getting rejected with the same damn vague as all fuck template email that doesn't tell me anything and if I contact the mod who sent it (whoever it is, there have been at least three or four different ones) asking for more specifics, I just get "It is explained on the 'this is why pages may be removed' link below", with said link and about 50 potential reasons therein.
  **and I guess ComicVine, too, but I don't count it as such because (1) all but one of the other users & mods been really helpful and honest to God happy to answer any question, no matter how tiny a thing or obvious the answer should have been, (2) they have a point system where edits by users with >1000pts require mod approval [points based on the amount of editing done (and adding images only earns 1pt per, so you don't get the dolts who can't operate spell-check or can't write without being a tool being able to 'edit' things they don't like because they added high-quality images swiped from another site)], (3) they have what I can only describe as [HTML:Angelfire Template]=[Wiki Page Creation:ComicVine Page Creation], only the page isn't a visual offence.

 - Sometimes, words are awesome but right now, I despise my vocabulary. Unless I know someone really well**, I can come off as either harsh, pissed off or attacking when I don't mean too. Apparently, saying that 'x' template email was used to justify the deletion of a submission is being rude, but that's the most descriptive word I can come up with. "Explain" doesn't fit because the email didn't explain anything.
  **or they happen to have an X-Files reference as their username not be angered because they say the same things with the intent of being a (funny) pain in the ass being harsh.
added in editing/just before posted (this isn't something that needs to be said on a general post, but I'm going to anyways) I am more than a little amused by this note and it's sub-point because I had a conversation on this very subject last night with her.

 - You know how sometimes when you watch a show that you haven't seen in a long time and when you watch it again, you wonder how you didn't see how truly **awful** it is? Well, I caught myself thinking the reverse when I was watching Star Trek; Voyager a while back. I always remember it as being poorly acted in the beginning, not all that good with continuity, having created Seven for gratuities sexuality and just really hokey. I attribute watching it to it being _Star Trek_. But when I actually watch it, it's not nearly as bad as I always think of it.

 - ( http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=91) I cannot comprehend a situation where paying for alcohol is equivalent to covering pizza except maybe in the case of a children's BD party and the parents of birthday child drinking after.

 - spent a full day dicking around on the Blue Bloods Wikia site. A very long no-point detail list of what specifically I did and justifications for everything can be found here; http://bluebloodstv.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Pixie_child/self-absorbed_mind_drop

 - I have found a new way to be horrified and very amused at the same time; http://wonkette.com/. Any future references to this site should be attributed to i_want_2 for linking to an article on her journal. ^_^ Not too likely though, because to view the site I have to use archive.org because if I try to do so directly, all I get is the Easter-purple background.
    - "Guess the teabagger dudes will have to find another place to jack off under the table while people try to eat their breakfasts." [http://wonkette.com/417660/glenn-beck-loonies-looking-forward-to-dc-field-trip-but-not-all-the-black-people] had me doubled over in giggles. But that could be from lack of sleep and not being used to reading such vulgarity in "proper" articles.
    - [http://wonkette.com/441083/nancy-grace-informs-scientist-california-will-be-destroyed-by-japan-radiation ] More Kool-Aid anyone?

 - Wow, I'm getting a little political lately. I know it is just through quoting one of the awesome-ness of one of the coolest "Old Guys" on TV, but still. They're directly currently politically-related, so it feels pretty damn close. And while I'm pretty sure no one on my f-list** is a [what's the US equivalent of Canada's Conservative party? I can't keep the two names separate because unlike up here in the land of "Universal" health care, neither words are (as far as I know) words in the English language], but just in case, I apologise. I don't want to offend anyone. Well, not unless you would vote the illiterate media whore, ah, "companion". Then I am not going to say anything in your regard, because I'm a firm believer in the rights of everyone, but you really challenge that.
  **reading this and not a member of my f-list? Seriously? Well, after questioning your sanity (^_^), I invite you to contact me either through commenting, PM-ing via LJ or DW, or emailing me! If I haven't scared you off yet, I'm almost guaranteed to be more than willing to babble incoherently with you.

 - suddenly overwhelmed by 14-year-old guilt from back when I spent two weeks with my aunt and uncle. Of all my father's siblings (3 brothers & 1 sister, all but the oldest [boy] have kids), he's [the one I stayed with] the only one who I would call a good parent. I'd been sucking my thumb since I was born and he decided that at 9 years old, I was probably too old, so he decided he'd help me stop and he was great about it. He wasn't mean or harsh, he just removed all the tissue boxes from the common rooms (picture Linus (Peanuts), only using tissues instead of a blanket), and reminding me nicely that I'd promised to try to stop if I was doing it. I quit in less than a week; I remember because each day, he gave me something little (a sheet of stickers or a Fun Size chocolate bar) each night the second week save one, when I admitted to slipping up. He was so proud of me, he called my parents the night before to say how awesome I was for stopping. So of course the second thing (the first being a big hug from my mom) I was greeted with was being cornered by my dad, demanding to know why my uncle was able to get me to stop when he couldn't and a heavy guilt trip because it meant that I loved my uncle more than my father. And guess what? Suddenly it was like I never broke the habit. I cannot imagine why.
    - ...the guilt I mentioned was I can remember the next time I saw my uncle. He was so disappointed when he found me doing it again. I nearly broke down crying right then, and even remembering it now, I still feel sad.

 - I'm easily amused. Apparently, Jeri Ryan's birth last name is Zimmerman. cue Star Trek-related giggles
    - also just learned that she turned down a cameo offer to be in (Star Trek) Nemesis, and only asked Kate Mulgrew after. I have nothing against Jeri Ryan, but seriously? Janeway made much more sense than Seven of Nine to appear.

 - this is super cute; http://www.kimonostownhouse.com/

 - I fucking hate the '07 layout of Microsoft Word, but I [well, my OSAP grant] paid for it and it would be stupid to pay for a downgrade just because I'm a stubborn jackass when it comes to change. I just wish I could do the same thing with it as I did for running Windows Vista (I've got it set to look like Windows '98).

 - I really like using DreamWidth as my alpha journal for many reasons, but the major ones are that the posting interface just feels cleaner and the staff is so damn helpful and friendly. Also, because I don't have to fight with logging in and DW allows me to cross-post. That being said, I guess LJ has spoiled me because I find it incredibly inconvenient not to be able to tag my entries with a tick-box list and it drives me up the wall when I want to have more than one space at a time, because you just can't do it in the Rich Text format (they are removed in the post), and if you put the   into the code box then switch to Rich Text for any reason, they are removed then as well. Little things, but they get to me.

 + another thing I had intended to add to my list of upcoming posts; a work-in-progress meme. It is actually one of the few things I could have done in the last few weeks, because it would require little thought, except that there are at least 75+ files in my "in progress" folder and have no idea how to compile the list without having to copy/paste or re-type all the file names out.
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