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Somehow, my Windows Defender program has been corrupted by a virus. I am using my mom's laptop to type this in the (unlikely) hope that someone is going to read this in the next hour or so and know what to do. I could try to restore my computer to an eariler date, but I'd loose all my files I've edited since, and knowing me, I'll probably end up fucking it up worse. ANYONE KNOW???

I'm also upset because until half an hour ago, I was writing a post saying how awesome things have been going. Goddamnit!
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this is a request to all of my f-list. Given that it looks like I'll have all of jack to do, I thought maybe I could make it a goal to acomplish one fan-thing a day. I'm hoping if you guys could help me out with giving me one of each of the list below, I could use them as prompts. (Also, to get done most of the December gifts I owe you.)
Each bullet is compleatly unrelated to the others. And hey, if you want to fill it out more then once, I won't complain, but what I'm begging for is if each of you could do it once.

  • character, 'ship, and episode from a fandom I know
  • 1-4 related images or a link to a page of a collection of images (ie; a page with screencaps [page 4 of 1x06 caps])
  • adjective, noun and verb
  • expression or cliché
  • first name, object, colour
  • song title or line from a song
  • month and date (within the last year)
  • [(seven numbers b/t 01-20), (six numbers b/t 01-10), (three numbers b/t 01-50)] or, just mash on your number pad to make a long string of digets and I can seperate them.
Thanks in advance, guys. I really appreciate this.
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...which seems about par for the course on LJ. I was cleaning out my various bags (purse, laptop case, girly backpack meant for small children & Hello Kitty tin lunchbox I use as a smaller purse) and I realized just how many things I jot down on Post-Its and the backs of scrap paper to write about (on LJ or just my real journal) that have actual substance but by the time I'm at my computer, they're either forgotten or displaces by unimportant rambling.
(1) - Wow. I never what level of controversy Ctrl+Alt+Del had surrounding it. It's... shocking, to say the least.
(2) - I have been meaning to say this for a few weeks now, but I forget almost right after my "lesson" (which I suspect is subconsciously intentional); I can no longer innocentally enjoy Greg Land's art without either seeing bad art, bad "things", or getting mild vertigo from all the weird angles in one frame. No fair!
(3) - [personal profile] i_want_2 , remember when you said the "writers' block" that goes beyong writing and covers all fandom-related things is called "fandom burnout"? You don't happen to know a cure, do you?
(4) - LJ finally got back to me on the support question I posted over a month ago about being unable to log in; they quoted the FAQ at me. Really? It took them over a month to direct me there? I wonder if LJ's hiring from the Toaster School of Tech Support as well...
(5) - Yesterday, my blood pressure shot right down, so I couldn't get out of bed until noon and was pretty useless all day. Today, my left arm is seizuring so badly I have to sit on it. Blegh. Could be worse; it could be my right arm. I'll take what I can get.
+ remember all those subjects I mentioned on Friday? I'll get to them (even if you don't care). I know this because three of them are half-typed.
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*...of every person ever to have an LJ, blog or otherwise share thoughts, opinions, or just give unsolicited commentary. Or at least I have always imagined so, otherwise I have regressed back to the insecurities I thought I'd grown out of.
Warning: this is a seemingly random question posed as 5:30 AM after not sleeping all night. There was not meant to be so much babbling here, but I just couldn't help myself, as always. Just FYI.

Am I funny?
By that, I mean do the wry (not to mention, often very dry), light-hearted (most of the time) sarcastic comments I make provide amusement? Not just in my personal LJ/DW posts, but also in conversations, comments in other posts, and (for the one friend whom I know personally) every day conversation. [If you have no idea what I mean by that, then the answer is probably no.] Either way, please let me know. I promise I will not take offence if you don't think so, this question I need answered honestly. (It is related to something which has been suggested but is not related so I'll not go into it.)
Thank you in advance, guys. ^_^
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I have no idea how to respond, or even react, to a review I got on a BSC fic over at AO3. I do know that I feel sick about it, though. To say that being told I come off as a privileged homophobe is disheartening (not to mention insulting) does not even begin to describe it. It's really freaking me out, because I certanly never meant to offend anyone and to say I'm homophobic is laughable if you know me. Obviously, she doesn't, though, and I feel sick to my stomach that I've come across as such.
Could I get your opinion on it, guys? ( grimsage001 & i_want_2, I am thinking of you in particular because I have been able to rely on your honest opinion before, but I could really use everyone's insight on this ) I mean, when I first posted it at LJ, I got three reviews, all of which were positive, but I am really worried now. I need to know if this is offensive, not to mention if it is a common theme in my work.
Fic (+ review) is here; http://archiveofourown.org/works/98811 - you don't really to need to know the fandom to get it, just that the boys are triplets and Dawn is the older sister of the main character's boyfriend. And even though it's technically Byron/Jeff, Jeff is only there in mention (it's a brother-interaction fic, not an actual 'ship-focused story)
Also (not that I really have to ask this; most of my f-list is mature enough not to do it), if you don't agree with the reviewer, please don't argue with the reviewer. I am still trying to figure out how to reply to it and I don't want to start a flame war.

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