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Somehow, my Windows Defender program has been corrupted by a virus. I am using my mom's laptop to type this in the (unlikely) hope that someone is going to read this in the next hour or so and know what to do. I could try to restore my computer to an eariler date, but I'd loose all my files I've edited since, and knowing me, I'll probably end up fucking it up worse. ANYONE KNOW???

I'm also upset because until half an hour ago, I was writing a post saying how awesome things have been going. Goddamnit!
fai_dust: marvel comics: XFactorIII - issue #014 (.unimpressed)

warning: this was written on 4h of sleep in 48h and may be unorganized, incoherent or totally bug-nuts. Cool?
um... something or everything about what I did since I woke up at fuckAM until now )
At least a month ago, back while I was first having LJ exasperation, I bought a pre-paid MasterCard to buy a paid account on DreamWidth. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It's never that easy.
**1** Problems with DW's server accepting cards without more then a name.
    - I tried on two computers other then my own as well, then contacted MC to see if it was on my end some other way; they said it wasn't
So I tried to use it through PayPal...
**2** ...Which also would't take it
    - something to do with their confermation process involving taking two tiny amounts, letting it process without being rejected, then refunding the money; the problem with that is the card doesn't allow for reloading, because they make that much more money that way (and serously, how greedy can they get? They already charge $30 for a $25 card!)
so I ended up having to transfer money from my bank account to PayPal then pay DW (who were great about it, by the way), which I'm still not really comfortable with, but by that point I was obligated to. This is because after requesting help with the first problem, the awesome staff (who replied the same day!) not only did everything they could to try to figure it out, but the woman asisting me actually gave me a free week and when after that time it still hadn't been sorted, she gave me the points/tokens in advance and let me pay her back once the transfer from my bank finally cleared!

Anyways, I still have the damn pre-paid card with $22.55 CAD on it...
**3** There was some charge that was either the first test-charge from PayPal or MC's "you didn't use this up within the first 10 seconds? Sucker!" charge which I gather is monthly
...so I tried to renew my paid account on LJ last week, but it wouldn't take.
**4** When I tried to check out, it said something about trying to access an account I don't have the right to access. I wouldn't be suprised if this one is the fault of my laptop.


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Ohmigod,ohmigod,ohmigod,ohmigod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can sign-in!
Out of habbit, I typed in my user info when it said I couldn't comment without signing in and it worked! Apparentally, the secret is fighting with the site for over two weeks, giving up and only trying two or three times a week at the log-in page, then logging in on someone else's entry!
...aaaand nvr mind, because it shut me out again and I can't go back in.
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...which seems about par for the course on LJ. I was cleaning out my various bags (purse, laptop case, girly backpack meant for small children & Hello Kitty tin lunchbox I use as a smaller purse) and I realized just how many things I jot down on Post-Its and the backs of scrap paper to write about (on LJ or just my real journal) that have actual substance but by the time I'm at my computer, they're either forgotten or displaces by unimportant rambling.
(1) - Wow. I never what level of controversy Ctrl+Alt+Del had surrounding it. It's... shocking, to say the least.
(2) - I have been meaning to say this for a few weeks now, but I forget almost right after my "lesson" (which I suspect is subconsciously intentional); I can no longer innocentally enjoy Greg Land's art without either seeing bad art, bad "things", or getting mild vertigo from all the weird angles in one frame. No fair!
(3) - [personal profile] i_want_2 , remember when you said the "writers' block" that goes beyong writing and covers all fandom-related things is called "fandom burnout"? You don't happen to know a cure, do you?
(4) - LJ finally got back to me on the support question I posted over a month ago about being unable to log in; they quoted the FAQ at me. Really? It took them over a month to direct me there? I wonder if LJ's hiring from the Toaster School of Tech Support as well...
(5) - Yesterday, my blood pressure shot right down, so I couldn't get out of bed until noon and was pretty useless all day. Today, my left arm is seizuring so badly I have to sit on it. Blegh. Could be worse; it could be my right arm. I'll take what I can get.
+ remember all those subjects I mentioned on Friday? I'll get to them (even if you don't care). I know this because three of them are half-typed.
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To my LJ friend-list: in case you haven't really been paying attention to my bitching in the last week (and I don't blame you if that's the case), I still care about you guys but since I can't sign into LJ, I am unable to view half of your entries (either due to f-locking or your privacy settings set to non-users being unable to view them) so that is why I haven't commented. I have, like, 150 emails flagged in my inbox waiting for me to get back to once I've gotten this sorted out.
----------  Also, unles it's kind of time-revelent (as in, once I get this sorted out, it'll be silly to comment on it because of how much time has passed) I haven't been commenting because it's a nuisance to have to check on all the entries ot see if you have replied, because if you're not logged-in, you don't get an email that tell you so.
Also, I had to take a sabbatical from femslash_land because of this, which is annoying, because other then the letter-fic thing (there in no excuse for my patheticness there) I was really enjoying it. Even though I haven't been feeling inspiration for anything**,  the challanges helped. - However, that being said, at least this way I won't be letting my team down and I can focus on holiday related gift stuff.
** can writers' block mutate into all-encompassing fandom block? I've never had any problems making icons or manips before. It's what I would do while I had writers' block, to help me with ideas.
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Still can't sign in to LJ or a few other sites. I have found a way I may be able to reset my computer back to the way it was when first initialized, however I don't know if that is pre or post OS instaliation.
I have sent _snitchbitch my daily_scifi entry for today, so at least I can say I've done that. But what's really getting to me is that (1) this happened just days after I opened two daily image comms and (2) a week after I made it so that non-LJ user comments get screened.
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        FYI if you track my journal or otherwise arrived at this through a direct link to this post (as opposed to on the main page or your friend page), I've put all the semi-OT explanations/ramblings behind strategically-placed cuts. If you wish to avoid my lunicy, feel free to read it on my journal's main page. ^_^

*chirping* What fun! My laptop is still as slow as honey from a squeeze bottle stored in the fridge (I refuse to use the 'molasses' comparison until I use it in anything other then the German cookies I used to make every Christmas with my father (which is one of my few positive memories with him, but that's not in any way relevant)), something that began when my McAfee expired and should have been a large, blinking sign that I needed to reformat my computer, since I know it should be done every six months anyhow and have yet to do so since I got it a little over a year ago. And I still can't log into LJ.

    - Once I calmed down from my spazing snit-fit/freakout at my computer and technology in general, I realized the smart thing would be to back up everything to avoid the crap I went through last year when my computer failed click to read OT mini-rant about so-called 'Tech. Support' )

    - After spending all day backing up everything on my computer, at around 8:30 I tried to reformat it. But guess what? I couldn't, because even though right-clicking on the C drive in 'My Computer' gives the option to format, when I pick it, it says I can't because it's where my opperatig system is installed, so I need to reset it with the opperating system software CD in.
                - now, correct me if I'm wrong, because I've only bought two laptops in my life, but between those two and my mother's, when purchasing such a computer, it comes with the opperating system (in this case, Windown Vista, which is a hell unto itself) already installed and they do not give you a disk. Microsoft-related bitching; basically I _should_ have a disk despite that laptops don't come with one ) So I must have it somewhere, but God knows where it is in my house also known as a blackhole ). So unless anyone happens to know how to reformat my computer without needing to re-install Windows, I'm screwed.

Oh, and I also can't log into my school website, which is just added awesome, because I have an on-line test Friday.

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