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...I'm still alive? Just sayin'. Mostly because if I say so now, I'll remember to post a longer update tomorrow.
(1) I've got two long text files of point-form, one about all the Law & Order I've been watching in my 24/5 (my mom drives me up the wall on weekends) at home and one that proves I believe I'm the center of the universe
(2) I went to a Melissa Ethridge concert last Saturday, which was my mom's birthday gift.
(3) Prompt demands disguised as requests of at least 10 things per, in an attempt to acomplish at least one thing per day.
(4) Major things in my life aside from my health and school are looking up.
spoiler (of upcoming posts):
1. Huh. After 2+ weeks of watching Law & Order then last night's episode of The Daily Show; Huh. Jon Stewart looks kind of like E.A.D.A. Mike Cutter [aka Linus Roache] (the guy who took over from McCoy in the last two seasons). Well, I guess, Cutter looks like Jon Stewart (I think, assuming Roache is younger then (than? I hate these two words) Stewart, but whatever. Maybe that's why I warmed up to him so quickly (and in no way because I refuse to admit it's because I can relate to him via his thing for Rubirosa).
2. I could have sworn it was K. T. Tunstall who sang "What I Wanna Know", not Serena Ryder. Then again, I hadn't realized that I was a fan of Ryder until last Saturday, so (to quote cassievalentine, in a compleatly unrelated context), what the hell do I know?

edit(1): (speaking of watching tDS...) "We're at war? Again? I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but don't we already have two wars? You know, wars aren't kids, where you don't have to pay attention to the youngest one because the older two will take care of it. Not a baby war." ... "So, predictably, two days after the sanctions we just start bombing the shit out of them."

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Date: 2011-03-23 04:19 pm (UTC)
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You live! Huzzah!

,... yeah, that's all I got.

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Date: 2011-03-24 04:10 pm (UTC)
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I used to watch L&O, actually, but I stopped about the time Jerry Orbach left the show. I'll still tune in for the occasional episode of SVU, if I can, but since both shows are usually on when I'm at work...

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